In the arts sector, disappointment happens often. There’s a lack of funding or physical resources, and the limited opportunities are usually granted to those with a track history of success. So what do you do when the industry you want to build a career in is not just difficult to enter, but inaccessible too?

There is a real need for support and advocacy for d/Deaf and disabled artists in South-East Queensland. We all know that disappointment comes with the territory of being an artist, but what do you do when discrimination is the barrier?

With that in mind, it’s time to step up and support each other. We need a movement. Will you join us?

What We Need

  • Commitments from key figures in the arts sector (across all artforms) to include disability in all definitions of diversity and program their seasons and exhibitions accordingly

  • Greater moral support for artists and arts workers experiencing ableism either in the workplace, in application processes, or in creative processes (such as in rehearsal rooms, onstage and offstage)

  • Greater resources, both financial (funding) and physical (accessible venues) for artists to practice

  • Access to education, training, and professional development opportunities afforded to non-disabled counterparts with all reasonable and necessary access requirements met

Get Involved

If you are an artist, an arts worker, a teacher or arts educator - we need you!

It is important that any movement towards improving accessibility and opportunity for d/Deaf and disabled artists in Qld adequately represents the bests interests of the diverse community. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in getting involved. We need everyone’s ideas, no matter how big or small! What do you think we need most? What support could we use more of?

Everyone will be contacted in early September as we begin to collate these ideas and begin to formulate our action plan.